Dating a Player or Narcissist?

You may be dating a player or narcissist and trying to figure out how to move on and away from the relationship.
I hope this article will help you find ways to stop wasting your type with a player or narcissist:

3 Strategies That Can Help You Value Your Self Worth

We sometimes forget to value ourselves for what we are truly created for. We allow others define who we are. This often leads to us being let down and broken.

This article sheds some light to ways to help you know and appreciate your worth. I hope this helps someone out there:

Why Men Cheat

Women often wonder if their partner is cheating. They may catch him in the act or suspect based on their intuition.

This article sheds more light on why men cheat:

Signs to Show that a Man Is Not Ready…

There are men who aren’t ready to settle down but behave like they are in order to play around.

I found this article interesting as it sheds light to this. Hope this helps someone out there:

Signs You’re in a Good Relationship

We all want to be in good and long lasting relationships but we need to work hard and be devoted to making it work.

This article sheds some light on what to do. Hope it helps someone:

8 Ways to Spot Emotional Manipulation

We as human beings have a very strong self-centered aspect (even if it may not be truly ‘real’) of our beings called the ego, and many problems arise when this aspect of the human experience goes uncontrolled. Manipulation has always been a favored tool of the ego in order to get what it wants.


Signs you’ve found your soul mate

You feel you’ve known each other forever. It’s like looking at a reflection of yourself in the mirror. It’s wondering if you’ve ever met way before this time. It’s more of your thinking “how come this person knows so much about me?”

Those feelings and so much more happen when you find a soulmate. Read more: