When You Feel Like Giving Up

There comes that time when you feel like everything is passing by and you may want to give up. Before you give up, think about these:

Why Are You Granted Another Day?

The reason you were granted today is because God felt you are still capable of accomplishing your goals and purpose.

God Didn’t Give Up on You

You may have people who disappointed you, broke your heart or maybe you lost a loved one and don’t want life to go. Well the truth is that the only who will be hurting is you. Others may have forgotten what transpired between the two of you, but giving up is not the solution. God has not giving up on you. He still believes in you and loves you. Press in and on.

You feel like you have failed

Failure is not the end of your journey. Failure is a sign that you need to try again. Things may not work out at first try but may require that you put in more effort to make it come to fruition.

Never see disappointment as a stop sign but let it push you towards achieving much. Don’t give up but keep pushing. Your best lies ahead of you.