Signs He’s a Player

Women often fall for men who sweet talk and make them feel important. There are men who are actually sincere with their words which are backed up with action and there are those who are simply players.

Here are some signs to watch out for so you don’t end up getting played. I hope this helps someone out there…ciao!

Things You Should Never Compromise in a Relationship

This article lists vital things one must never compromise with in a relationship. I hope this helps someone out there…ciao!

Games Men Need to Stop Playing

A man should always make his intentions known to a woman at the very beginning. It’s not right to make a woman feel you want a serious relationship when all you want is her sugar.

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Attachments in Relationships

We all tend to cling to our partners when in a relationship or marriage.

I found this article very interesting as it defines different attachment types that exist in relationships accurately.

Hope it helps someone:


Relationship is not just about sex

A relationship requires true friendship, honesty, loyalty, trust, commitment, selflessness, excellent communication, love and respect for each other and much more. If you find your relationship focusing just on sex without dealing with other issues that will help your relationship grow and flourish (compatibility, finances, goals/visions, career talks, etc.), you may want to think again. It could only be lust/infatuation – the package comes with an expiration date while love doesn’t.

Spend time knowing and understanding your partner, become best friends, get involved in each other’s careers and other life issues. Discover your partners weaknesses and strengths. Find ways to help each other overcome the fears that may exist. Speak life and love into each other’s lives daily, focus on both parties growing together and becoming better as individuals as well as a couple. Lust can’t carry all the issues that need to be dealt with as the relationship grows deeper, only love can. Just something to think about…

10 Things Men Should Strive For In Their Next Relationship

In relationships, we often find out that some women put in more effort than men. There should be a balance in order to make the relationship more valuable and long lasting.

Here are 10 things men should learn to work on: